‘Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales’ Review

Oh the magic of Disney! It was on display today at Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales at Newcastle Entertainment Centre.

The places was full of families enjoying the Disney magic. The show featured three Disney classics: Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.

No matter if there’s evil stepmothers, nasty stepsisters, magic spells and a huntsman out to kill you, these Disney tales reveal how love really does conquers all when a dashing prince shows up. (You just need to wish upon a star!) Plus you get to wear a beautiful ballgown and dance. Who doesn’t love a “happily after ever” end to a story?

I do, so I really enjoyed this show. With stunning costumes, dance routines and the unforgettable musical soundtracks of Disney movies, this was a great show that had my child and her friend mesmerised as well as many others in the audience.

The show opened with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald introducing the stories. I would have loved to have seen more Donald and less Goofy but that’s me – I’m a DD fan!


There were some amazing scenes such as the Evil Queen speaking to her mirror in Snow White.


But luckily, Snow White meets the dwarfs and then after a poison apple scare, her Prince Charming.


Next story was Cinderella, a favourite of many. From scullery maid to princess but with a 12pm curfew, this woman’s glass slipper ensured a happy ever after.


Finally, it was Beauty and the Beast. This depiction of the Disney classic was my favourite of the three for its interesting character, the smart Belle and the brooding misunderstood Beast.


The musical routine for this story was fantastic with a French flavour. It’s always entertaining to see cutlery dance.


Before the show wrapped up, all three Disney princesses appear alongside their prince as a reminder of these three different but much loved classic fairy tales


And it ends with a stunning Disney finale.


As always, Disney productions are a treat for fans with unique sets, captivating choreography, innovative light effects and beautiful costumes. Can’t wait to see the next Disney show! In the meantime, I might dust off a few Disney DVDs and enjoy some classics again.

Disclosure: The Mummy Project received complimentary tickets to Disney Live!

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