Enjoy a Nature Play Adventure Workshop With Your Family

Want to connect your child with nature, in a safe learning environment with like minded people?  Come and enjoy a Nature Play Adventure in Warners Bay on Sunday 7 May at 10am. This event aims to provide a high quality nature play experience, encouraging children (aged 2.5 – 8yrs) alongside their parents/guardians to cultivate a deep connection to nature, by utilising the ‘nature play’ approach.  Niki Buchan, an internationally recognised nature play facilitator, will run the 2.5 hour play nature experience.

We anticipate that the workshop will:

  • Provide children and their parents with a high quality nature play experience;
  • Directly connect parents and child/ren more closely with their local natural environment;
  • Foster a sense of stewardship towards the natural environment;
  • Provide parents with increased confidence to initiate their own nature play opportunity with their children;Increase all participants’ understanding of the importance of connecting with, and caring for, our natural environment.

By understanding our relationships with weather conditions, flora and fauna, and various facets of our natural local environment, we can re-pattern our brain and nervous system to activate what are known as ‘the attributes of connection’ – vitality, happiness, the ability to listen deeply, increase empathy, kindness, true aliveness and gratitude for life, compassion, forgiveness and the quiet mind.

The cost for the event is $8 per participant with tickets purchased through Eventbrite. Both adults and kids need a ticket.

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