Learn About The Human Body at Humanoid Discovery at Newcastle Museum

A bed of nails, a fart replicator and a womb with a view – It’s all here at the new exhibition Humanoid Discovery at Newcastle Museum! Learning about the human body has never been so much fun! We spent a couple of hours at the exhibition last week and loved it!

Designed and produced by Scitech, this family-friendly exhibition Humanoid Discovery showcases the human body from the point of view of a visitor from outer space. Even though the human body is a complicated system, this innovative exhibition explains it in a simple yet entertaining way.

It’s a fun romp through the human body and both my daughter and I learned loads about the complex workings of the body systems, organs and functions.

The exhibition was specifically designed for kids aged 5 to 12 but will appeal to a wide range of ages including preschoolers. Each of the 22 interactive exhibits presents a bodily function and explains the physiology and science in a fun and easy to understand way.

Some of them are grosser than others though! Pull My Finger, a favourite of my daughter looks at the combinations of food, drinks and other inputs on the digestive system using the FLATULATOR. The result?  Lots of farts, burps and spews. It was so loud and realistic, that I started to feel a bit queasy after hearing an endless amount of puking.

Some other notable exhibits include:

  • Have You Got the Guts? This fun exhibit lets you pull out intestines. You’ll be surprised to see how long they are.

  • Womb With A View. Kids can use an ultrasound probe on the model pregnant woman to hear about the development process.

  • Sperm Racer – This surreal arcade-game like exhibition lets 1 or 2 players race sperm to to fertilise a human egg. It’s a quirky yet fascinating game which shows how hard sperm have to work!

There’s lots more fun exhibits to experience and I highly recommend Humanoid Discovery. It’s the most fun and interactive exhibition about the human body that I’ve ever experienced and ideal for the whole family.

Make sure you pick up the training guide on your way in to the exhibit. Kids can fill it in while you explore the different activity stations.

Humanoid Discovery runs until 30 January 2017 at Newcastle Museum.

Entry fees apply:

Two and under free
Child: $7
Concession: $8
Adult: $10
Family: $27

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