Mister Maker Live in Concert Review

It was a loud and raucous event at Newcastle Civic Theatre today with Mister Maker appearing live in concert. In fact, it’s one of the loudest kids concerts I’ve been to.

The show started with Mister Maker dancers Tim, Bec, Taylor and Carl and assistant Jenny welcoming the audience to the concert with an energetic dance routine.

We then waited for the arrival of Mister Maker…and waited and waited. Panicking, Jenny quickly dialed Mister Maker and he appeared on screen. He was still in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil!

But once he realised he should have been in Newcastle, the audience watched on the screen as he soon made his way around the world and popped in through a side door at Civic Theatre. After much applause and a big hello to Newcastle, Mister Maker showed that he can bust out some dance moves with a dance routine with his dancers.

It was then time for some craft with Tockie announcing it was Minute Make time. This was a 60 second challenge to make Mister Maker’s face out of frisbees, thongs, pool noodles and a pair of sunglasses. For the challenge, Mister Maker chose a Mini Maker from the audience and his mum to complete the task within 60 seconds. Luckily they did and for their efforts received a prize.

After the Minute Make, the craft genuis Mister Maker proceeded to impress us with his crafting ability by making three craft projects within the length of a song. While the music played, he created a feline friend, a pom pom bug and a creature cap.

He then invited three parents up on the stage to join him in a rousing rendition of ‘Mister Maker Had a Farm’ with them creating sound effects for their craft creatures. His banter with them reveals that Mister Maker is just as funny and entertaining as he is on our TV screens. He had parents and Mini Makers laughing along with his jokes and witty comments.

It was then time for ‘The Shapes’ to make their much-anticipated appearance. It’s amazing how these foam shapes can excite kids and their parents. ‘The Shapes’ didn’t have too much to say apart from “I am a Circle’ or “I am a Square” but luckily Rectangle had plenty to say including how much he loves Australia and the cricket.

There was lots of singing and dancing along with ‘The Shapes’. The audience especially kids were encouraged to get up and dance while making shapes in the air. The best dancers were rewarded with an appearance on stage and prizes.

All too soon, the hour performance whizzed by and it was time for Mister Maker and The Shapes to leave the stage.

It was a fantastic entertaining show that entertained young and old. Best of all, I like that it inspires kids and parents to do some craft. As Mister Maker points out, often you don’t need much to create something amazing. A couple of pipe cleaners, sticky tape, googly eyes, tin foil and some paper can result in some imaginative creations. Check out the Mister Maker website to download some craft ideas to keep your kids happy.

Disclosure: The Mummy Project received review tickets. All opinions are my own.

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