Mums Night Out – Beer Tasting Night!

It was both an entertaining and educational Wednesday night when I participated in the Ladies Beer Tasting Night presented by the International Beer Collector at Longbench on Darby Street. I’m not a big beer drinker but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. (I didn’t enjoy my hangover the next morning though!)


As well as learning interesting facts about craft beer and having lots of laughs with some amazing women, I also discovered what types of beer I like.

In our quest to find a favourite beer, Anita from the International Beer Collector presented a “flight” of European craft beers taking us through a journey of beers from light to dark.


She explained how craft beer is created and emphasised that the beer making process uses yeast and doesn’t incorporate preservatives. (Anita is a nutritionist so is passionate about natural things). She also provided advice on the right temperature to serve craft beer. Hint, not chilled!


Anita also regaled with tales of the different breweries that they have personally visited including some interesting anecdotes about purchasing beers from Trappist monasteries.


In between the beers, there was plenty of time to socialise and munch on the delicious food supplied by Longbench.



There were 8 beers to taste:

  • Timmermans Blanche Lambicus
  • Pauwel Kwak Amber
  • Urthel Hop It
  • Boon Framboise – Fruit Lambic
  • Tripel Karmeliet
  • Westmalle – Trappist Tripel
  • Staffe Hendrik – Quadruple

Our table had lots of fun discussing the taste of each beer.


It was interesting to find out what others thought of each sample. Some of us liked the lighter beers while others preferred darker ale. My favourites were the Boon Framboise raspberry beer and the Timmermans Blanche Lambicus beer.

I must admit though that some of these European beers pack a punch. The beers range from 4.5% to a whopping 11%. They are delicious but strong. I could tell I was a bit pissed when I described one as “gloriously complex and flavoursome”. What does that even mean? Having said that, I can’t wait until the next Ladies Beer Tasting!


If you want to do your own beer tasting at home, you can purchase a Christmas Box – a mixed dozen of beers with tasting notes for $90 or a large 750ml bottle with matching glass for $30. Order online by December 15th  International Beer Collector also offers a Monthly Beer Club where you can receive 6 different top shelf beers with tasting notes ever month with no lock in period.

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