‘No More Cuddles’ Book Review

No More Cuddles Book Review

Some people just don’t want too many hugs. No More Cuddles written and illustrated by Jane Chapman is the story of Barry who’s trying to limit snuggles.

Oh sure, he doesn’t mind the occasional cuddle but he’s had enough of all the animals in the forest smothering him with cuddles.

Every morning, rabbits chase him saying ‘Hurray! Snuggle is here’. Barry tries different ways to stop the hugs but nothing seems to work.

It’s a fun book that’s wonderful to read with your kids. Just make sure that you give your little one plenty of hugs while you read it. I especially loved the illustrations of Barry and his fellow animals.

‘No More Cuddles’  is published by Koala Books. RRP $14.99.  Ages: 0 – 5

The Mummy Project received a review copy.

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