Ghana Okra & Meat Stew

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My reader Christian shares his family recipe for Beef and Okra Stew from the African country of Ghana.

This traditional dish provides energy as the stew is full of meat and veggies while the Banku is full of carbohydrates.


1kg of lamb or beef meat  finely chopped
Couple of chopped spinach leaves
1 cup of fresh okra (trimmed)
1Tsp of crushed ginger
1Tsp of crushed garlic
1/2 Tbsp salt (to taste)
1 piece of hot fresh chili
1/2 onion
150grams of tomato paste
60ml palm oil (optional)


  • Cut up meat to the required sizes
  • Add water up to half the level of meat in the pot
  • Add onion into the meat
  • Add crushed ginger, crushed garlic and salt
  • Steam the meat till well cooked (add a little bit of water in case it runs out of water from evaporation)
  • Add 1 piece of chopped hot fresh chilli and 150g of tomato paste while meat is cooking
  • Wait until the meat is teamed till tender and add chopped spinach
  • Cut up okra into cubical sizes,( divide okra longitudinally and cut it up into smaller sizes and add to meat.
  • Stir sauce often to avoid sauce sticking to the bottom of pot
  • (Optional) add 60ml of palm oil. Wait till palm oil settled in and spinach and okra well cooked.

Ready to be served with cooked rice or local dish called Banku. Banku can be made with corn flour available at Coles or Woollies. Boil water and tip in the corn flour. Cook it the same way you cook porridge but tip in more corn flour till it gets slightly harder than porridge consistency.