I’m a big fan of educational toys and one of my favorites lately is Geomag. We recently received a box of Geomag to review and I have to admit that I’ve been playing with it just as much as my daughter.


Geomag is a Swiss-made magnetic construction toy suitable for kids 3 and up (and adults!). It contains magnetic rods and small non-magnetic steel spheres which join together to form geometric shapes and objects.

The kit we’ve been provided with is the Geomag Classic Panel (44 pieces) which also includes bright and transparent panels. We’ve been making pyramids, long rod chains and other creative designs incorporating the panels for colour and additional stability. It’s really fun clinking the rods and spheres together to make different things, plus it’s a cinch to clean up afterwards. Just use the magnets to attract everything together!

Geomag comes in a variety of sets of different colours and sizes ranging from 22 to 180 pieces. Personally, I would recommend purchasing a set with more pieces so that more creative and larger designs can be built.

Also, it’s a toy that suits a variety of ages and can grow with the child. For young kids aged 3 or 4, they will enjoy building simple designs. However, as kids get older, it’s a great educational tool to introduce concepts of math, problem-solving, spatial coordination and creativity in a really fun way. It also introduces the concepts of geometry and physics.


My five-year old daughter quickly figures out she could make other rods and balls move towards or away from another rod using attracting and repelling magnetic forces which led to a discussion about the power of magnets.

When you play with Geomag, the quality of this product really stands out. Each piece is precision made and adheres to strict Swiss standards for both quality and durability. To address concerns of safety regarding magnets, the company makes it very clear that only the large rods are magnetic and not the small spheres. This helps to alleviates parents’ concerns about children swallowing dangerous magnetic components.

Geomag products are available at Australian Geographic and Kidstuff stores and start at $20 RRP for a 20 piece kit. There’s a variety of kits available including Geomag Panels, Geomag E-Motion Magic Spin and Geomag Glitter.

The Mummy Project received a review pack of Geomag. All opinions are my own.