How To Be The Big Person Your Little Person Needs is a fantastic parenting book and one that I wish was written five years ago. I’ve come across lots of parenting books and this is one of the most comprehensive but yet down to earth books that I’ve read.

Author Claire Broad has spent ten years as a nanny. Her experience dealing with little people (as she refers to them) has resulted in writing this book. It’s a fantastic resource best suited for those looking after kids from 18 months to 7 years old and an ideal companion for dealing with the challenges of parenthood.

In addition to speaking about what little people need, she spends time discussing the needs of parents and caregivers. These include eating well, exercise, maintaining a social network and having a break from the responsibilities of children. These are really valuable as I can speak from experience that parents and caregivers need to look after themselves so that they are best able to look after their children.

Her book is packed with actionable items delivered in a warm and  non-judgemental tone. It actually makes you feel like you’re receiving advice from a trusted and knowledgeable friend. Claire provides parents with effective strategies to manage sleeping, eating and behavioural issues.In addition, she covers issues such as routines, sibling rivalry, tantrums, night-time wakeups, aggression, control battles and bedtime. Her seven ABCs of parenting should be read by every single parent.

One of the most important sections of the book in my opinion is Part III: Top Secret Techniques. These are Claire’s techniques for handling some of the battles that you might face with your kids. You know, like tantrums or not wanting to try new food. She provides practical advice to manage these issues and recommends strategies that you can immediately implement.

I especially like her Chores chapter where she details which tasks are suitable for different age groups. It’s a great way to get kids helping around the house and make them feel useful. I’ll be implementing more chores in our house!

Definitely recommend this book!

How To Be The Big Person Your Little Person Needs is available from Claire’s website Angelic Monsters for $24.95 with free postage. Claire also provides workshops and coaching to parents.

The Mummy Project received a review copy.