Dancing Charli

And Charli is back! Following the release of his first book Flaming Charli, local author and dad Anthony Wood has released Dancing Charli, the second book in the series. Charli the young cockatoo is still making her trademark noise raaarrrrrrrrkkkkkk

In this book, Charli makes a new friend Gordon and discovers that his friend is different to him in both colouring and his bird noise. Sceeeeeeeeeeeeet! screeches Gordon. This piques Charli’s curiosity and she joins her friend in a trip around Australia to meet other birds. Together they meet and dance with friendly birds all over Australia from Tasmania to the Top End.

Their new friends include Red-collared Lorikeets, Pink Cockatoos and a King Parrot, all beautifully illustrated by Lorraine Robertson. Like the illustrations in Flaming Charli, Lorraine has created a collage-like 3D appearance through a technique of torn handmade paper and watercolour.

Kids aged 3 to 7 will love reading this book just to get the opportunity to make insanely loud bird noises. But the book also has an important message by introducing the topic of diversity to kids. No matter what we look like, underneath we’re all the same. We’re all birds, I mean people! But seriously, now more than ever, this message is important and Dancing Charli is a wonderful reminder to celebrate the things that bring us together.

Dancing Charli is currently available from Maclean’s Booksellers and Harry Hartog. Signed copies can be purchased directly from the author. Details are available at dancingcharli.com.au.

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Ant Wood & Lorraine Robertson