Make some noise! Digby is back with a new book Digby and the Yodelayhee…Who?

Local author and performer Renee Price has released the follow up to her debut book Digby’s Moon Mission and it’s a fun, ‘noisy’ read.

After hearing a noisy noise, Digby is determined to find the source of the sound. He checks in on each of his friends to find out who’s making the distinctive sound. He discovers that although his friends are strumming, tooting and thumping and tapping and making music at different times, it’s not them! But in the end, they’re all jamming together in an impromptu musical session.

This colourful picture book is full of cute drawings of Digby and his friends courtesy of illustrator Anil Tortop. It’s best suited for little noisemakers aged 2 to 7 and celebrates themes of curiousity, friendship and music.

Read this book with your little ones and use your own musical instruments to make sounds as you read along with Digby. And make sure you check out, the musical score for Digby’s Jam at the end composed by the author and Aaron Hipwell.

Order a signed copy of the book from Renee’s Create It Kids website.