Digby’s Moon Mission by local mum Renee Price is a cute book you’ll enjoy reading to your kids over and over again.

If you recall my article from July 2014, Renee undertook a Pozible crowd funding campaign to self-publish this book and Digby’s Moon Mission is the successful result.

The picture book aimed primarily at kids aged 2 to 7 demonstrates the ingenuity of kids to solve a problem. In this case, it’s Digby who observes that his bedroom is too dark as the moon is just a sliver in the sky. With the help of his friends, he devises a plan to ensure that the moon is large and bright. The plan? Simple – Feed the moon so it fattens up and returns to its round shape.

This book was inspired by Renee’s eldest son. She describes him as an analyst, problem-solver and imaginative child. One night, as they were looking up into the sky, he noticed a “little moon”. They then had a conversation he could possibly ‘fix’ the little moon. This conversation led to the development of the book.

Assisted by Anil Tortop who created the illustrations, the result is a colourful story related to the moon. The depictions of the characters are ever-so-cute as they undertake their mission cooking all kinds of food from around the world such as wonton soup, muffins, kiwi tarts and chicken stock cooked in a wok. I especially loved the illustration of the measuring tape with the different widths such as Starving, Full and Exploding.

The book is available from http://www.createitkids.com.au for $14.95.