If your child loves dinosaurs, get your hands on Dinosaur Disco written by Deborah Kelly and illustrated by Daron Paton. This imaginative book features a dinosaur party with various creatures moving to the music.

‘Styracosaurus salsas,

Corythosaurus crumps,

Maiasaura moonwalks across the shiny floor’

The illustrations by Daron Parton perfectly capture the fun of dinosaurs clad in their best party wear dancing away the night. My daughter loves the drawing of the dinosaurs doing a conga line.

However, my favourite part of the book is the arrival of an uninvited T-Rex dressed up in… well you’ll have to see that for yourself. I’ll give you a hint. He’s dancing the rumba instead of devouring other smaller dinosaurs!

The book also contains a pronunciation guide as well as interesting dinosaur trivia. Always handy when you are trying to pronounce Styracosaurus!

‘Dinosaur Disco’ is a fun addition to any library and a nice change to some of the more traditional dinosaur books available.

Be aware though that it might make your little dino want to dance and roar.

Dinosaur Disco by Deborah Kelly and Daron Parton is available now. RRP$24.99 www.randomhouse.com.au

For more information about Dinosaur Disco, read my Q&A below with Deborah. This is the third book from this local author and mum of 2, the others being The Bouncing Ball and Jam for Nana

What inspired you to write Dinosaur Disco?

I was sitting in the car outside my daughter’s school waiting for the bell to go.  My son was roaring loudly, playing with his dinosaurs in the back seat. I suddenly remembered that the school disco was supposed to be on that night and it had completely slipped my mind. Suddenly the two ideas merged and Dinosaur Disco was born!

What’s your favourite dinosaur?

I like T Rex. He has such a ferocious reputation but turns out to be a nice guy, after all!

What’s your favourite dance style?

I’m not much of a dancer these days…but many years ago I did love to Salsa! I would love to Salsa with the Styracosaurs-as long as they didn’t step on my feet!

The book has amusing illustrations throughout the book. What is your favourite illustration?

I adore them all! But I do have a soft spot for the final spread -where T Rex shows off his funky moves!

When can we expect a new book from you?

I have a new series coming out this year with Wombat Books. Its called Ruby Wishfingers and the first book in the series, Ruby Wishfingers: Skydancer’s Escape hits the shelves on March 1st. I’ll be launching it on Saturday 2nd April, 11am at the Newcastle Writers’ Festival. The book is aimed at 6-10 year olds but everyone is welcome to come along and join in the fun! And there will be more Ruby books to follow this year so stay tuned!

Next year I’ll be releasing two new picture books. Me and You is currently being illustrated by the wonderful Karen Blair and comes out with Penguin Random House in March 2017. I also have an untitled picture book coming out with EK Books in July 2017 which is being illustrated by the talented Gwynne Jones.

For more information about Deborah and her books and news, ‘like’ her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DeborahKellyChildrensAuthor/
or check out her website: http://www.deborahkelly.com.au