To overcome the first day jitters, pick up a copy of ‘First Day’ by Andrew Daddo and Jonathan Bentley. This delightful book is perfect to reassure kids and parents about the first day of school.

Reading this book to your child will prepare them for the transition to ‘big’ school as it outlines all the things that kids need to do each morning before school. It covers all facets of the first day from waking up, breakfast,  getting dressed in their school uniform to the final wave before entering school. It even mentions taking a selfie to capture the memory of this special milestone.

With its colourful oversized drawings, ‘First Day’ illustrates the fun and excitement of the first day. I love the cute drawings of the kids in their school uniforms complete with school hats and large backpacks.

This is a beautiful book to read together and has an important message for both child and parent. As the book mentions “…the best bit about waving goodbye is the next wave will be hello.”

Definitely something to ponder, when you’re trying not to bawl when waving your child off to school.