It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, a missing child. After her four year old child got lost at Speers Point Park, local mum Renae Youman came up with the idea of a safety whistle for kids, the Lollipops Safety Alert Whistle. Renae explains how she came up with the idea of the Lollipops Safety Alert Whistle.

‘I lost my son, Cooper, who was then aged 4, at a busy playground, Lake Macquarie Variety Playground in Speers Point. It was only for a period of about 5 minutes. But it felt like a lifetime. I felt physically sick. The lock on the playground gate wasn’t latching properly. Had he got out? Had somebody taken him? We were at the playground with friends, and everybody rallied to help us find our son. It was in that moment that I dreamt up the idea for the Lollipops Safety Alert Whistle. If he had a lanyard, under his shirt, with a safety whistle attached, he could whistle for help.’

Image by Brock Perks

Image by Brock Perks

She now has her own business Lollipops Safety selling adult and child-sized whistles. These whistles are supplied by an American manufacturer and are used by the US Coast Guard and in search and rescue. They have been adapted for kids and include an ID tag for phone number. These lightweight and resilient whistles also include a lanyard with a breakaway safety clasp.


They have been designed for kids three and older to wear comfortably and discreetly under or over shirts, while at playgrounds, events, camping, using public toilets or walking to a friend’s house. They can even be used while camping or travelling overseas. Best of all, they don’t require major lung capacity so that kids can easily blow them.

And they are loud (the Lollipops Safety Alert Whistle is rated at 120 decibels!)  This enables kids to alert their parents as to their whereabouts as well as alert bystanders in the event of an attempted assault or abduction.

She explains that parents are purchasing her whistles for a variety of reasons.

‘After an attempted abduction at a local school, I have had many concerned parents purchase our safety alert sets for their children to use walking to/from school or on the bus. I’ve had many calls from parents with students starting high school or catching a bus or walking to school for the first time this year. Our safety alert sets offer a little piece of peace of mind for parents!’

Renae explains how in the past year, there’s been many interesting uses for the Safety Whistle.

  • Dementia sufferers utilise the whistle, with the customisable ID tag allowing a quick reunion with loved ones if they become lost or disoriented.
  • A local running club has made a bulk order for their group as they run predominantly late night or early mornings.
  • A principal of a primary school in Sydney purchased a set for each of his 23 staff and has promoted our product within his community.
  • A Newcastle nursing unit manager purchased a set for each of her staff for their night shifts and returning to their cars after work.
  • A security guard bought sets for his staff for peace of mind that they can alert bystanders if they need immediate assistance.
  • A local surf club has also expressed interest in promoting our whistles to their parents for use around the club or when children are in crowds.

I first heard about the Lollipops Safety Alert Whistle from a friend who had purchased these whistles for her two daughters in case they got lost at a crowded event or were approached by ‘creepy’ strangers. She said it provided her with reassurance that her girls could call for help if required. I agree and am buying one for my daughter as well as one for me.



Orders for Lollipops Safety Alert Whistles can be made at or through the Facebook Page, Lollipops Safety. The Lollipops Safety Alert Whistle, Lanyard and ID Tag is $12.

Use the code ‘keepmesafe’ at checkout for free shipping!


Renae and her family – Image by Brock Perks