If you could bottle the joys of childhood in a book, it would be the new rhyming picture book Me and You by local author Deborah Kelly.

It’s a wonderful celebration of childhood family fun. Written from a child’s point of view, it summarises their favourite activities and the special people in their lives who make it fun.

Whether it’s mum or dad, grandparents, cousins, neighbours and adored pets, there’s plenty of love to go around and memories to be made.

There’s all kind of fun days such as yummy-scrummy days (making cupcakes), artsy-crafty days (doing arts and crafts), pedal-pushing days (bike riding) and sandy-sandwich days (visiting the beach). But my favourite day of all is silly-billy days with lots of tummy tickling and giggling fun.

It’s a heartwarming book complemented by the beautiful detailed drawings by illustrator Karen Blair who perfectly captures the joys and bonds of childhood.

For parents especially, this book is a great reminder to enjoy this special time with kids as they seem to grow up so quickly.

Share the book Me and You with your kids and come up with your own names for your family days!

‘Me and You’ is published by Penguin Australia. RRP $24.99. The Mummy Project received a review copy.