The Meet…series of children’s picture books profile extraordinary Australian men and women. The latest book chronicles the efforts of Douglas Mawson who led the first Australian expedition to the Antarctic.

This book written by Mike Dumbleton introduces children to the remarkable and tragic story of Douglas Mawson. It’s an inspiring story of courage under extreme conditions. The book is well written mixing descriptive passages with evocative prose.

“Imagine Mawson’s joy when he finally saw the base camp in the distance. Imagine his despair when he saw that the Aurora had left without him”

The stylised illustrations by Snip Green perfectly capture the desolate conditions of the Antarctic while his drawings of Douglas Mawson are simply superb. Depictions of Mawson reveal a man experiencing grief, fatigue and overwhelming cold in the frigid conditions of the South Pole.

The tragedy of this expedition is carefully explained. Although this story describes the deaths of two of Mawson’s colleagues, it does so in a sensitive manner which makes it suitable to read to younger children. Older children can do further research to learn more about the ill-fated expedition.

Meet Douglas Mawson is published by Random House Australia. RRP $24.99