This Christmas, buy presents that keep on giving!

Whether you’re putting together Christmas food hampers or purchasing ingredients for Christmas baking, there’s a line of coconut products Niulife which actually make a difference to people’s lives.

Niulife Organic Coconut Oil

I was recently sent a box of Niulife products to try. I was impressed by the quality of the organic products but more impressed with the story behind it. This coconut oil is actually changing lives in the nearby Solomon Islands.

Niulife extra virgin coconut oil is the only Australian owned, certified organic coconut oil that gives 100% of the profits directly back to the village communities that make the oil.

Niulife Certified Organic Coconut Oil: Oil That Changes Lives

Handmade in the Solomon Islands, locally grown organic coconuts are hand pressed within one hour of opening the nut using a unique DME coconut press, then triple filtered to ensure only the purest oil makes it into the jar.

The Niulife DME (Direct Micro Expelling) process enables villagers living in cash-poor, remote village communities to hand-make one of the world’s freshest virgin coconut oils without leaving their village. The process is easy to enough for women, youth and even the disabled to use, plus generates a micro-economy of jobs and opportunities for everyone in the community.

Best of all, Niulife pay the villages for all the oil that they produce (before they even sell it) plus 100% of the profits from the sale of ALL Niulife products go directly back to support the communities who make it. This provides much needed income and opportunities for rural villages in the Solomons.

Niulife was founded back in 1974 by Dr. Dan Etherington, an Agricultural Economist at the Australian National University in Canberra and his wife Maureen. They estimate they’ve helped over 5,000 villagers set up their own independent, sustainable, thriving enterprise via Niulife (a registered social enterprise).

The Niulife company produces more than 60 coconut based products including extra virgin coconut oil, coconut balsamic vinegar, shredded coconut as well as soap and coconut oil moisturiser.

To see the full range of products and buy online, visit the Niulife website. There’s free shipping for orders over $80. $10 flat rate for orders under $80.