Part dog story, part food diary, the book Our Dog Benji outlines all of Benji’s culinary adventures.

In this hilarious book written by Peter Carter and illustrated by James Henderson, Benji ranges near and far to find yummy food from posh parties to building sites.

He’s an adventurous dog eating everything including Brussel Sprouts, olives, mushroom, grass, daffodils and bugs.

He’s a great role model for kids who aren’t as adventurous with their food choices. Encourage kids to try more food by getting them to pretend they’re Benji the Dog.

As the little boy in the story says “I don’t think I’ll ever be as adventurous as Benji, I won’t eat flowers in the park or bones or bugs, and I’ll drink water from a glass, not a bowl. But I will eat fruit and vegetables and my meals at meal times – although I might have mine at the table.”

Our Dog Benji is available from and wherever good books are sold. RRP $19.99. The Mummy Project received a review copy.