Peas in a Pod

Written by Tania McCartney and illustrated by Tina Snerling, ‘Peas in a Pod’ is a wonderful book with an important message.

The book introduces the quintuplets Pippa, Pia, Poppy, Polly and Peg who do everything the same such as eating, sleeping, crying and sitting. They are exactly like “peas in a pod”. These five identical girls do everything the same but as they get older they realise they didn’t want to be the same as each other. They want to be individuals so they make some changes.

It’s a beautiful book which explains to kids the importance of being their own person and not following other people. This is an especially important message for young girls who can feel peer pressure from their friends to conform and be the same as others in their group of friends. This book helps parents encourage kids to explain that being an individual is something special.

My daughter especially enjoyed the fun and colourful illustrations of the quintuplets as they attempt to differentiate themselves from each other in their hair, clothes, hobbies and activities. She loved looking carefully at the drawings to see the differences between the previously identical girls and laughed at their antics.

Reading this book with kids is a great starting point to discuss what makes them unique and special!

Peas in a Pod is published by Exisle Publishing. RRP $24.99

Disclosure: The Mummy Project received a review copy.