“In Reena’s world, sounds scattered and scrambled and made no sense”

Reena’s Rainbow is a new picture book by Dee White and introduces a character Reena who has a hearing impairment. However, as the book explains, it doesn’t prevent her from playing hide and seek. In fact, her observation skills make her one of the best players. She doesn’t fare as well when it comes to hiding as she can’t hear the other kids calling her. However with her friend Dog, they soon learn how to play more effectively.

It’s a wonderful book to explain to kids about hearing impairments. “Her mother’s fingers danced back” The book describes sign language so that children can understand how communication works for the hearing impaired.

It also encourages inclusiveness and acceptance of differences showing that there’s no reason why hearing impaired children can’t play, learn and have fun with other kids. Sometimes, they just need a way to communicate whether that be with sign language or the help of a friend.

This brightly coloured book illustrated by Tracie Grimwood features cute illustrations of Reena, Dog and their friends at the park.

Reena’s Rainbow is published by EK Books. RRP $19.99.  Ages: 4 – 8

The Mummy Project received a review copy.