Have you heard of the organisation Send Hope Not Flowers? It aims to reduce the maternal mortality rate in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Indonesia and the Solomon Islands.

I first heard of Dr Barry Kirby after watching a profile of him on Foreign Correspondent. After discovering a young woman dying on a road in PNG, he trained as a doctor and now works tirelessly to reduce the maternal mortality rate in that country.

In PNG, Send Hope Not Flowers provides funding for baby bundles which include cotton nappies, a blanket, sanitary supplies for the mother and baby clothes wrapped in a plastic baby bath. Mothers receive this when they have a supervised birth in a health centre.

I recently donated to the organisation when my nephew was born instead of purchasing flowers for his mum. For the cost of a bunch of flowers, this money can help save the life of another mother in the developing world.

For me, that was a beautiful way to celebrate the birth of my nephew by helping another mother especially considering that every 90 seconds, somewhere in the world, a woman dies from complications in childbirth.

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