SpeakEasy by Maggie Eyre

You know how there are people who are just natural public speakers. Well, I’m not one of them. I am NOT a big fan of public speaking.  I get nervous and tongue-tied and usually end up babbling so it was with great reluctance that I agreed to make a speech for my friend’s upcoming wedding.

To be honest, I’ve been dreading having to making a speech and actually considered faking laryngitis to get out of speaking. Yes, I know that’s extreme. But luckily, I was recently sent a copy of Speak Easy: The Essential Guide to Speaking in Public by Maggie Eyre. After reading this book, I finally feel confident to deliver a clever and engaging speech.

The book contains many tips and strategies to improve your presentation techniques ranging from how to write your speech, rehearsing strategies, warm up exercises and paying attention to your body language as you speak. The book is written in a warm and helpful tone, which is perfect to nudge those of us who are shy in public to feel confident about talking in front of crowds.

It’s a comprehensive guide not only about public speaking but also about facing your fears. I especially appreciate Maggie’s words about presentation and confidence.

“Every day we present ourselves and people judge based on how we do it. In following my practical advice in Speak Easy you can learn how to be more confident and bold when taking centre stage or at the front of a room. I’ll show you how to see insecurity as an exciting opportunity to transform your life and work. In trusting yourself you’ll begin to see the power in taking risks, especially when you make yourself vulnerable in front of an audience.”

As well as providing valuable tips for public speaking, Eyre also provides valuable tips on presenting via social media on Skype and YouTube.She explains that the same principles apply to videos as well. It’s great reminder as I’ve been toying with the idea of recording videos for The Mummy Project.

If you need a primer on public speaking, I definitely recommend this book. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a speech to write and rehearse!

Speak Easy is available from www.exislepublishing.com.au and wherever good books are sold. RRP $29.99.

The Mummy Project received a review copy.