What Could It Be by Sally Fawcett is a children's book about shapes that promoted creativity and investigation.

What Could It Be? This is the question posed by the book of the same name by Sally Fawcett, a teacher from Western Australia.

The book introduces a variety of shapes to kids from simple ones like circles and squares to hexagon and octagons. It then asks kids to find and count examples of the shape in an illustrated picture. On the final page, the book encourages young readers to develop their own shapes.

Suitable for kids aged 3 to 12, it asks kids to use their imagination to think of what else the shape could be. It’s more than a picture book which is what you might think when you first pick it up.

It’s a great book to teach kids to think outside the square by promoting investigation and creativity. My six-year old daughter spent a long time reading this book and examining the shapes before sketching her own shapes as part of an artwork.

What Could It Be is available from www.exislepublishing.com.au and wherever good books are sold. RRP $24.99. The Mummy Project received a review copy.