In our house, the Wombat books are a favourite. My daughter is convinced that Mothball the Wombat lives at Blackbutt Reserve and sneaks out on her adventures. Wombat Goes to School is the latest offering from Jackie French and Bruce Whatley.

In this adventure Mothball find a new hole that leads into her local school.  Although she finds few carrots and even fewer patches of grass, she does find plenty to keep her amused. There’s plenty of funny moments in this story especially when Mothball gets mistaken for a round brown ball and then makes a visit to the principal’s office.

As with the other Wombat books, the illustrations are gorgeous and depict Mothball making herself at home at school with scenes of students, classrooms, and other school paraphernalia. This is a wonderful read for those 3 and up getting ready for “big” school.

Wombat Goes to School is available 1 October 2013.